Regular eye examinations are recommended in Australia, even if you don't have eye diseases or risk factors. It is advised to have an eye test every two years^, and annually if you're over 65. If you're experiencing any vision disturbances or changes, urgent testing is recommended.

Attending an eye test, even without symptoms, allows for the detection of any eye changes, vision issues, and early signs of disease or degeneration. This enables appropriate measures to be taken to support healthy vision throughout your life.

Various factors and health conditions, such as diabetes, UV exposure, viruses, and aging, can affect your eye health over time. Additionally, many eye conditions may not exhibit noticeable symptoms until they have progressed significantly.

Our experienced optometry team employs a gentle approach and innovative medical technology to assess your eye health, vision, and identify any problems or risk factors. Our clinics offer a wide range of examination techniques, including Digital Retinal Photography and Optical Coherence Tomography scans. These methods help identify conditions like Glaucoma, Retinal Detachment, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, as well as complications from diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

We understand the concerns that arise from experiencing eye disturbances or problems, and we take the time to carefully explain our findings, address your questions, and provide confidence in the treatment approach and expected outcomes.

Our Eye Tests Are Bulk Billed

We offer bulk billing for all eligible Australians with a valid Medicare card for standard* eye tests. If additional testing is required due to individual eye conditions, any potential costs will be communicated during your appointment.

We are here to monitor your eye health throughout all stages of life. If you have concerns or notice changes in your eye health, or if you'd like to schedule your bulk-billed yearly or two-yearly comprehensive eye test, please contact one of our friendly stores.