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Contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing glasses. Whether you would like to interchange between the two, wear a pair of coloured lenses or would prefer to not wear glasses at all, contact lenses provide the perfect solution.

Speak with one of our optometrists about the benefits of wearing contact lenses and work together to find a lens style which best suits you.

Here are details of some of the basics when it comes to contact lens selection:

These are only worn for one day and then thrown away, providing you with 2 key benefits:
  1. Convenience – no cleaning!
  2. Superior health maintenance – because of no cleaning!

A quality lens that requires replacing every two or four weeks, but at a lower price! If you want contact lenses, your prescription is most likely to be catered by this type of lens.
This new lens has revolutionised the contact lens market. You will be able to wear these lenses during the day and then go to sleep at night without having to take them out. Also, experience greater oxygen transmission into the eye reducing red eye irritation. The ultimate convenience!
These are contact lenses that have more than one prescription power in each lens, allowing for clear vision at multiple distances. They are designed for people who need correction for both near and far vision.
Always wanted those bright blue eyes? We offer a variety of coloured lenses perfect for the person who feels like a change.

Speak to our team about further information on contact lenses and their specifications, including quotes on our contact lens products and fitting services.

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