Protecting your eyes is of utmost importance, whether you're working on a construction site or pursuing your hobbies at home. However, wearing safety goggles over prescription glasses can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. That's where safety lenses come in as an excellent solution widely used across Australia.

Safety glasses have a vital role in safeguarding your eyes in high-risk environments, where sparks, liquids, or flying objects pose a threat. While wearing protective eyewear can prevent most work-related eye injuries, it often poses challenges for those who require prescription lenses. Regular frames and lenses are not designed to offer high levels of impact resistance.

Our safety lenses provide a practical and effective solution. They are lightweight, durable, and highly resistant to chips, ensuring safety for both your eyes and your eyewear. Manufactured using advanced technology and high-quality materials, these lenses maintain excellent visual clarity while meeting the specific requirements of safety standards. For tradies and hobbyists alike, they are an essential "tool" in their arsenal.

All our prescription safety lenses comply with the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1337.6 for personal eye protection, ensuring full adherence to regulatory requirements.

Benefits of safety lenses:

  • Safety lenses allow you to see just as well as your regular lenses, so you don’t have to compromise on vision or clarity

  • Safety glasses protect your regular eye glasses, helping keep them clean and safe when you’re working in a dirty, cold or hazardous environment

  • Safety glasses offer a practical middleground between wearing regular non-prescription safety glasses over your regular glasses, which can feel clunky, slip off and be a hassle, and forgoing wearing your glasses when needing to wear safety glasses, which can put you in danger from suboptimal vision. Prescription safety glasses give you the best of both worlds

  • By giving your regular frames a break, you may help extend the lifespan of your other glasses by alternating between the two for home and work

  • Your eyes remain protected for preventable damage, promoting your long-term health and quality of life


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