Multifocal lenses combine multiple prescription zones in one lens, blending the lens powers together without a noticeable bisection line like bifocal lenses.

Multifocal lenses, also known as progressive lenses, provide multiple lens prescriptions within a single pair of glasses. They have distinct areas dedicated to different viewing distances, allowing for a seamless transition between close-up, intermediate, and distance vision.

By understanding which area of the lens corresponds to each visual function, you can effectively adapt your sight to various activities such as driving, using a computer, reading, or walking. The goal is to maintain a clear field of vision without noticeable transitions.

Typically, the upper part of the lens is designed for distance vision, the middle part for intermediate vision, and the lower part for near vision. However, the specific design can be customized based on your individual needs, which your optometrist will discuss with you.

What are the benefits of multifocal glasses?

  • Multifocal lenses eliminate the need for switching between different pairs of glasses for different tasks, providing convenience and freedom.

  • They are particularly beneficial for individuals with presbyopia, which is the age-related decline in near focusing ability, making it challenging to shift focus between distant and close objects.

  • Using multifocal lenses helps reduce eye strain caused by switching between different prescription glasses, offering a more comfortable visual experience.

  • These lenses are custom-designed by our optical team to suit your lifestyle and vision needs, and can be combined with various coatings and additional features to enhance your daily vision.

  • One advantage of multifocal lenses is their ability to minimize distortion and blurriness when moving from side to side.

  • Unlike bifocal lenses, which have a visible line separating the different prescription zones, multifocal lenses provide obstruction-free vision with a smooth transition.

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