Bifocal lenses offer a convenient solution for addressing two different vision issues with two distinct prescriptions, all contained within a single lens. This eliminates the need for constantly switching between different pairs of glasses, making life simpler for many of our clients.

If you require assistance in both close-up and long-distance vision, bifocal lenses can be an excellent choice for you.

These lenses are created by combining two prescriptions into one lens. The upper portion of the lens is typically designed for distance vision, such as driving or watching TV, and incorporates the specific prescription provided by your optometrist. The lower portion, or a designated segment within the lower half, is crafted to ensure clear near vision, such as reading a book. This lower segment can be tailored to different shapes, including half moon, round circle, narrow rectangle, or the entire bottom half of the lens, based on your specific needs and lifestyle.

What are the benefits of bifocal lenses?

  • Rather than having two pairs of single-vision glasses, bifocal lenses can be a more convenient solution as they combine all your vision needs into one pair of glasses. This saves you from having to switch from one pair to the next

  • Office workers can benefit from wearing bifocal lenses, so they can have distance vision in the top of the lens for meetings or presentations, and near vision in the segment for looking at your computer screen or at documents.

  • In years gone by, bifocal lenses have been a thicker and more clunky lens, but recent advances in optical technology have meant that lenses are now available in a range of thinner options, to provide you with comfort and performance 

Our eye care professionals are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your eyesight, and so take the time following your assessment to explain exactly what is happening with your visions and any issues we’ve identified, as well as all of the options for your lenses, including single vision lenses, bifocals, multifocals, digital lenses and more. Your eye health, and quality of life, is our priority.

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