Crystal clear ‘plus’ lenses help support precise and clear vision in all lighting and weather conditions, while being tough, durable, and easy to keep clean. 

Crystal clear plus lenses combine the fantastic features of the original crystal clear coating, as well as:

  • A scratch-resistant coating: Crystal clear plus lenses contain a durable scratch resistant coating that prevents scratches on your lenses over time, keeping them clearer for longer and protecting them from damage over time. This can extend the life of your lenses for years, and is particularly beneficial for softer lens types

  • An anti-reflective coating: These help reduce glare and improve visual acuity. Reducing the amount of light reflected on the front of your glasses lets more light reach your eyes, allowing you to see more accurately and with greater detail. When light reflects off the inside of your glasses into your eyes, such as during driving, computer use or working inside, this creates glare and contributes to eye strain. Crystal clear lens coatings can help to eliminate this, improve your vision in all lighting conditions, and help prevent eye fatigue

  • A hydrophobic coating: Those of us who need to wear prescription glasses can find it difficult to go out in the rain, as it can seriously affect your ability to see clearly. The hydrophobic coating in crystal clear lenses repels water, in a similar way to how it causes water to bead on a car. This also helps to prevent your glasses from steaming up in humid conditions when cooking or wearing a face mask, and can come in handy if you play sport in the rain or need protection from sea spray when sailing

  • An oleophobic clean coat: This helps to repel oily substances and stop them from sticking to your lenses - such as sweat, makeup, sunscreen, and greasy finger marks. This can make it much easier to keep your lenses clearer and cleaner for longer, especially in certain work environments, or for younger children

  • An antistatic coating: An antistatic coating contains electrostatic charges that repel miniscule pieces of dust, pollen, and lint from fabric or cleaning cloths. This helps to keep your glasses cleaner for longer, reducing your need to clean them each time before using them. 

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