As we see the effects of Covid-19 internationally, Australians can feel very fortunate at how hard we’ve worked at “flattening the curve”; a combination of good management and sheer luck. The recent surge in cases in Melbourne has demonstrated that this will be an ongoing battle, as we now start to ask the question, “where to from here?” With these real risks very much in the foreground, we simply can’t assume the ways of the “old normal” without consideration. At Kosmac & Clemens Optometrists we  have worked hard to maintain a clear perspective during these stressful times, and feel well prepared for the challenges ahead. We have weathered the initial storm and are confident we can again. The “new normal” is taking shape before our eyes, and will apply to many other industries and businesses. Keeping our staff and patients safe is key to good business practice, with investment in strict hygiene protocols for the foreseeable future, and beyond.

Working from home will no longer be viewed as a negative way of doing business. It will simply become good policy, as businesses mitigate the risk of infectious ailments thus decreasing employee down time. Reduced travel and child care burdens for workers and their families will result in quality of life improvements. People working locally are already gravitating to their local shopping hubs, opening up opportunities for local businesses and employment. Catering for this increase in local activity will be an important focus for us. Already at Kosmac & Clemens, we have available a large range of services and products aimed at assisting with symptoms of visual fatigue for our screen wary patients. Continuing the local theme, we strongly believe that supporting Australian Made products will help create local jobs and rebuild our economy; our lenses are proudly manufactured in Melbourne by a family owned Australian company.

With dramatic changes to the economy affecting individual circumstances, consumers are likely to be more selective about their purchases. Businesses that can provide value for money individualised solutions with outstanding service will be strongly placed. As always, we continue to offer our patients high quality vision solutions with recommendations tailored for their specific needs. We carry a wide range of price points to suit all budgets, and through our “No Risk Warranty” believe we provide a level of back-up service second to none. We have a broad range of purchase options, including Afterpay and Openpay, to assist with your budgeting needs. Through our website you can access service links that make it easier for you to take care of your eye care needs, such as an on-line contact lens purchase option with a “to your door” delivery service, and on-line appointment bookings.

Infection mitigation strategies at Kosmac & Clemens are here to stay; social distancing, hand sanitiser stations, and regular disinfection of work instruments and surfaces will continue long into the future. Work environments will become safer places to be, protecting both employees and clients alike.

Living through this pandemic has taught us much about what is important to all of us. The “new normal” will be a more local place, with stronger ties to community. There will be a greater emphasis on creating a work-life balance so that we can enjoy our friends and families more, while achieving greater satisfaction with our work. Kosmac & Clemens Optometrists will continue to evolve with the times, bringing you better solutions for your eye care needs, convenient services that save your time and budget, and hygiene protocols that keep you safe when visiting us.


Written by Edward Kosmac, Director and Optometrist at Kosmac & Clemens Optometrists